The Band – Background Information

Panthers is a rock band which has its origin in Brooklyn, NY. The free weekly newspaper ‘The Village Voice’ which features investigative articles and news of both current affairs and events for New York City has described the band as groundbreaking dissonant HC (hardcore) with Rolling Stones swagger.” Since the rock band from Brooklyn was founded in 2000, it is famous for its rocking live performances.

The band Panthers currently comprises the two guitarists Kip Ulhorn, vocalist Jayson Green, bassist Geoff Garlock and drummer Jeff Salane. In this context it has to be stressed that three band members were previously in the hardcore  punk and power violence band Orchid. Strictly speaking Orchid were a so-called early screamo band having its origin in Amherst, MA, United States. The band was founded in 1997 and played its last shows in a number of cities during the summer of the year 2002.

Panthers have successfully released four records. The two records “The Trick” and “Things Are Strange” were released on Vice Records. Furthermore it has to be mentioned that prior to that they had found their homes on Dim Mak Records and Troubleman Unlimited. Besides, it has to be stressed that Panthers began their career as a side project as members of the bands Orchid, Turing Machine, and The Red Scare which gave them the possibility to gain experience in rock music.

Strictly speaking ‘rock music’ serves as a generic term for certain types of music that have developed in the late 1960s from the mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and several other styles of music such as beat music and blues. The cast of classic rock groups traditionally consists of both electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass (In the 1950s plucked contrabasses were often used instead of electric basses.), drums, and vocals. This cast is actually often accompanied by pianos and keyboards such as the Hammond organ and synthesizers. Depending on the style of music of the respective rock band it is also common to use wind sections.